Ping Wallet: The World’s Thinnest, Smartest Wallet

Ping Wallet

Even though this gadget won’t give you a slap in the hand whenever you’re spending unwisely, it will certainly alert you if someone steals your wallet. Clever!

The Ping Wallet is currently being funded on Kickstarter and it’s creating lots of buzz due to its smart features. This little gadget is able to give you card reminders (so you don’t forget your card at the cashier), theft alerts, and GPS tracking of your wallet – all possible through a magic connection to your phone, also called Bluetooth technology.

It’s minimal design fits perfectly in your pocket without creating too much bulk – in a way it forces you to carry only what you need (and leave behind that mountain of old receipts and notes). Though, I wonder if it will withstand the pressure of one’s butt sitting on it day in and day out? 

If you want to pledge your support for the Ping Wallet, head over to their Kicktstarter page.