Aug 30, 2013

This is What the World's Biggest Food Fight Looks Like

Earlier this week, some 20,000 people gathered in the small town of Bunol near Valencia, Spain, to engage in "La Tomatina." The festival is reportedly the world's largest food fight, in which participants throw, smash, and otherwise engage with 130 tons of tomatoes. By the end of the event, the streets are filled with a serious coating of tomato puree, which actually looks pretty tasty, despite the fact that it's filled with gravel, dirt, and the sweat and germs of 20,000 Spainards. 

I would totally participate. Totally. Learn more and see additional photos at The Kitchn: This is What the World's Biggest Food Fight Looks Like




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Keri on Aug 31, 2013:

I participated in this festival last year. It was pure amazing insanity!

K on Aug 30, 2013:

Did this in 2010 and I was really excited.... you couldn't pay me to do it again. A lot of men got way too aggressive and were savagely ripping clothes off of any woman they could get their hands off and I guess the heat got to a few people and there were SO MANY FIST FIGHTS! Not my idea of a good time.