5 Ways to Wear Colorful Shorts without Looking like a Weirdo

Photo via [https://www.gq.com.mx/galerias/los-mejores-shorts-para-vestir-en-el-verano/1078/image/28655]

The ManMade approach to style has always been to seek out the classics. And true, layered and subdued works in the winter, but summer’s the time for embracing the season and trying new things. So, go out on a limb and check out these ideas for wearing colorful/patterned shorts so you can step up your style for the summer…while still feeling like yourself. 

J. Crew shorts [https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shorts/stantonshorts/PRDOVR~23863/23863.jsp]

1. J. Crew Staton Shorts: This shorts are pretty tamed but still have a good dose of colour. You can pair them up with some sneakers or a dress shirt depending on what level of dress you’re going for.  Either way, you’ll add a nice punch of burgundy to your wardrobe. 

Gap shorts [https://www.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?cid=66671&vid=1&pid=351172013]

2. Gap Shorts: This pair has both texture (corduroy) and color (mustard). They are super bright so you can mix them with neutral coloured t-shirts; grey, black, white. Avoid using any red, or you’ll look like you’re related to Ronald McDonald.

American Eagle shorts [https://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=0131_5659_312&catId=cat6260174]

3. American Eagle Cargo Shorts: Whoa. Neon? Are you crazy? Nope. The neon trend can be seen now on mainstream brands which means – it’s safe to wear anywhere! Well, almost anywhere. You don’t have to worry about your masculinity being compromised as long as you keep your t-shirt and shoes on the neutral side. Also, NEVER mix more than one neon color on the same outfit or you’ll look like a traffic cone.

Urban Outfitters shorts: [https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=27420793&parentid=M_APP_SHORTSSWIM_SHORTS]

4. Urban Outfitters Desert Trunks: These trunks have a more playful pattern that’s still safe to wear throughout the summer and early fall. Add some canvas sneakers (with no socks on) for the full surfer look. They are made for swimming, but with a shirt on, no one can tell the difference – plus, if you end up hitting the beach, you don’t have to worry about getting in the water.

Need Supply Shorts [https://needsupply.com/mens/bottoms/shorts/chuck-short.html]

5. Need Supply Chuck Shorts: Last but not least – these patterned shorts are a great alternative to your average trunks. Sure they have some kind of polka dots on them, but the navy blue keeps it masculine and relatively neutral. If you’re looking to jump on to the patterned wagon, you should go for something like this where you’ll feel comfortable and stylish.

What do you think? Could you pull off any of these looks without feeling like a goofball?