Jun 03, 2013

Camping in Style: The North Face Dome Tent

North Face Dome Tent

A bold geodesic dome tent that looks like a modern igloo? Yes, please.

Built by The North Face, this eight-person dome tent will makes your stay in nature that much more stylish, and allows you to take on the mosquitoes, leeches, snow, and bears with gusto.

North Face Dome Tent

It has a two meter footprint, which means, you can invite all your buddies to tag along. This bright hut is also made to withstand the harshest conditions, so tough you can even take it to Antarctica or The Himalayas (not that you’re going to, but just in case).

And you'll need to invite seven other pals to go in with you, because this flashy guy costs $5,000. But, come on - having happy memories of an encounter of the third kind while camping is priceless, right (no.) If you’re totally geeking out about this tent, read the full specs in here.

If you can’t afford the whole “Honey! I’m going to The Himalayas” extravaganza (and even if you could, the whole five thousand dollar tent thing), then maybe go for something smaller and more affordable, like this North Face model one here.

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miguel on Jun 07, 2017:

Very nice glamping

andrew on Jun 05, 2013:

I don't think you'd be using this for "taking on mosquitos and leeches." It's a mountaineering 4-Season tent - it's single-walled which means it would be a sauna in non-down-coat weather, where there won't be bugs-n'-slugs. Pretty much all expedition tents are bright orange or very similar, and the shape is pretty much identical to the other offerings you'd find from Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, or (what I'd recommend if you're really going for the high end "stylish" deal) Nemo. I'd say the large price tag is probably the only thing that caught your attention.

CMLion on Jun 05, 2013:

I was thinking "I want! I want!" until I saw the price tag! $5k for a tent?  For that kind of cash, it had better come with a sherpa...