DIY Idea: Use Maps to Dress Up a Wall

Credit: Ameris Photography []

Looking for a super easy – and affordable – way to dress up your walls, Christopher Columbus-style? Then, give this a shot!

Maps are such neglected pieces of art even though we used them for centuries to find our way around. As much as you love using navigation apps, these will never compare to the art of a handmade map. This is why hanging one on your wall will add so much character to your space.

You can find some pretty amazing maps online and I bet your local flea market is full of them! The older the better. Garage sales are also a good place to find vintage maps and globes.

To hang a map on your wall as art, use a simple frame or one of those old school holders with strings. This post by Apartment Therapy has lots of great tips for hanging and framing large maps.

Go ahead and add some explorers’ wisdom to your space!

[Image credit: Ameris]