From Digital to Analog: Turn Your Vine Videos into Flipbooks

created at: 04/23/2013

A few months ago Vine took over the short-video scene with its social platform that allows users to create mini clips of pretty much anything; cats, recipes, incessant harlem shakes, even fashion shows. Great, so “what’s next?” you might ask. Well, now you can turn your videos into flipbooks!

Vineflip is the company behind this new idea that promises to turn your funky-town Vine videos into “collectable, memorable, and oh-so-fun flipbooks”. 

At a glance, the process seems pretty straight forward:

  • Create a video in Vine
  • Login to Vineflip
  • Order your flipbook

Prices are pretty affordable too; you can get 2 flipbooks for $10, and up to 20 for $85. Not too bad. I guess this is the equivalent of StickyGram for Instagram, except that this one is more “animated”. I can see people getting creative with flibooks, especially at grad parties or weddings.

What do you think? Would you get one? Or are you keeping your digital mementos exclusively in your phone?

Turn your Vines into Flipbooks [Via: Raincoast Cottage]