The Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer Can, Um…Open a Bottle and Reseal It

I’m totally digging on this tiny little piece of brilliant design. First, it’s a classic, perfectly-sized chrome bottle opener that’ll easily slip into a pocket, backpack on the handle of a cooler. But more interestingly, it also allows you to reseal a beer bottle to preserve its freshness, fragrance, and taste.   Many twelve-ounce lagers are easily finished in one setting, but craft brews are getting bigger, and many are sized for more than one sitting. The Hermetus allows to get the most from the brew every time you try it.

They say, “The opener is made of chrome-plated metal and is engraved with basic instructions for use, giving the gadget a vintage ‘bare essentials’ feel. On the sealing side, the metal guides and the elasticity of the material ensures that the tightest possible grip is achieved without having to exert too much effort. Once you have the resealer in place, you can tip the bottle upside down and nary a drop will spill.”

And that is $8.70 very well spent.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer