Jun 19, 2012

Awesome Dad Builds an AT-AT Walker Bunk Bed for His Son

created at: 06/19/2012

Young Caiden Dutilly had recently outgrown his toddler room, and was ready for his first "big boy" bed. So his dad built him one, and by "one," we mean, a scale model All Terrain Armored Transport bunk bed, complete with a secret compartment for storing Jedi supplies, LEGO displays, and a window for mid-sleep checkups.

Check out these cool photos to see how the whole thing was put together:   

2X4 Framing, with 1/2" MDF top

BODY: 1/4" Masonite, 1/2" MDF & Plywood Circles, 1/2" MDF detailing, 1-1/2" PVC split down the middle

HEAD: 1X3 Framing, 1/4" Masonite skin, 1/2" Florist Foam Circles, Florist Foam Carving, PVC Cannons

Plus one for dads everywhere.

AT-AT Bed Complete [Dutilly Family]
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