How to Make Drunken Gummies – Cocktail Candies for Grown Ups

created at: 06/18/2012

Candy and cocktails. Not just cocktail-flavored candies, but sweet little chewy guys, full of actual spirits and the classic flavors of the mixed drink that inspired them. In short: Best. DIY Project. Ever.  

Serious Eats’ Erin Zimmer came up with ten solid recipes for “rummy bears” and their brethren. She says, 

If you’re of age, want to eat Gummi Bears and drink alcohol at the same time, then keep reading. Bring these to a party and you’ll be everyone’s hero… Aw, how cute, boozy bears! Yes and no. As adorably innocuous as these guys look, be forewarned: they are strong. You will start feeling all giddy after a few, and eventually, they make you go a little crazy. I took these to my friend’s birthday party and we all slurped them back like birthday shots. They’re not quite a shot’s worth each, but almost feel stronger with the sugar factor compounded by the alcohol.

So, there’s that. But consumed safely, this could make your next movie night way, way more interesting.

How to: Make Rummy Bears and Other Drunken Gummies [Serious Eats]