Jun 14, 2012

8-Bit T-Shirts Inspired by Retro Video Games and Movies

created at: 06/13/2012

I've long been a fan of 8-bit/pixel art. It's retro, geeky and just plain fun. So, I see no reason why the 8-bit world shouldn't cross over into my wardrobe, don't you think? These awesome pixelated t-shirts designed by Luke Morgan look like they'd be the perfect!  

created at: 06/13/2012

I can decide which one I like best…the skeleton or the zombie. Life is full of hard decisions.

created at: 06/13/2012

created at: 06/13/2012Morgan's shirts, which are inspired by retro video games and movies, are, unfortunately, still just a concept. But they are going to be printed soon.

Check out his Facebook page, 8-bitty, for updates on when they'll be available.




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