Apr 13, 2012

Take a Tour of Don Draper's New (Not) Bachelor Pad

The current season of Mad Men finds Don Draper married, and far away from his Conneticut colonial of yore and pathetic, dreary one-bedroom from last season and finally living in what mid-century fans and men everywhere have been waiting for: a warm and colorful bachelor-ish pad with a sunken living room, deep walnut cabinets, a built-in TV, a very, very impressive home bar.  

Set director Claudette Didul says,

Draper's love of sleek modern lines and high-tech gadgetry and manly appointments (leather lounge chair, countertop cocktail bar with a drum-shaped ice bucket) is contrasted with his new wife Megan's youthful taste and love of color. 
'I imagine she might've dragged Don through Bloomingdale's to see the model rooms,' Didul said. 
The set decorator also took inspiration from two books by 1960s bestselling interior design author Betty Pepis and "Decoration U.S.A.," a 1965 collaboration between Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman. ' The colors of the rooms and furnishings are so vibrant in those books they almost make your teeth rattle," Didul said.

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Anonymous on Apr 28, 2012:

Love Draper's new pad, but hate that I don't get to see Pete's place anymore :(

QuarterSwede on Apr 14, 2012:

Ahhh, the 60s (I don't follow the show). Makes more sense. Thanks!

Chris on Apr 14, 2012:

1966, this season. The house in which I grew up was built in 1961, and it was full of recessed lights.

QuarterSwede on Apr 14, 2012:

Nitpick: That's a lot of recessed lighting for the 50s.