Update: The ManMade Beard – Week One Progress

created at: 01/30/2012

Previously on ManMadeDIY.com: Chris wonders whether or not he should stop smooth skinning it for the winter and grow a manly beard. Reader response is decidely positive, with 82% of voters saying, “Go for it.” (Grow for it?) Chris keeps on not shaving.

So, there’s my face. Seven days of not shaving, and the half-beard I have to show for it. 

Thankfully – the worst is behind me: most of the itching has subsided. Well, some, at least. I’ve stopped touching my face and thinking there’s a furry creature attacking my head. And most importantly, I’m passed that weird inbetween stubble stage where my beard looks like it belongs on an 80s movie villain and I should have a ponytail and wear a white blazer with the sleeves rolled up and a giant cross earring.The d-baggery fears have passed. Good riddance.

Now, we’re onto the weird week where it looks kinda like a beard from far away, but up close, you’ll realize it’s just long enough that it sticks straight up and out like a kid who cut his own hair.

Yeah, there’s some white in it. Not gray, but like striking, colorless, luminescent little streaks…kinda like there’s sugar on my face. I don’t like it, but I’m learning to be okay with it. Gives me character, I guess.

And onward we grow. Hopefully by next week, we’ll just be in maintenance mode.

Thanks for your thoughts friends. When you suck at sports and run a crafting blog, it’s good to have these confirmations of manliness. Beard on.