Jan 30, 2012

Beard Beanies on Sale for $24.75

Head's up, facial hair fans! The always excellent (and frequently so-enticing-its-problematic) Fab.com has Jeff Phillips' Beardo Bearded Beanies on sale today and tomorrow for a cool $24.75. The deal also includes the even-more-desirable "bendable mo'" beanie, complete with sculptable mustache.created at: 01/30/2012

"The brainchild of Jeff Phillips, Canadian born winter-enthusiast, the Beardo bearded beanie was created to keep your head and face warm under the coldest conditions without making you look like a bank robber. Laughs ensued and it’s only logical that beer-bottle moustaches would follow as an après-ski fashion!"

If you need a Fab.com invite, hit me up at Chris @ [siteurl.com] and I'll provide. If you miss the sale, you can always check out Taraduff's excellent handmade take, or whip up one of your own!

Beardo at Fab.com


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