World’s Weirdest Looking Bike is Also the Fastest

The SplinterBike is made of nothing but wood – no screws, metal, gears, rubber, etc. It also kinda looks like a cow.

But, apparently, it’s hella fast. The creator, Michael Thompson, “says that because some hardwoods are known to naturally excrete oils, certain components will effectively be self-lubricating. For example, the “metal bearings” are made from the naturally-oily iron wood.”  

Cyclist James Tully will be riding the bike soon, and aims to set a Land Speed record.

Hopefully. “ironically, the biggest obstacle to setting the Land Speed Record is not their wooden bike, but plain ol’ cash. When Michael and James embarked on this journey it was simply riding the bike, following it with a car and recording it. They were wrong. The Speed Record Club has many official rules all of which will cost the duo around $12,000 to comply.”

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