A New Twist on the DIY Standing Desk – How to Build a Wall-Mounted Work Station

I've gone on record countless times about my love of the standing desk, the research I've seen on the perils of sitting all day, and my own personal solution for long days on the laptop: the 5-second standing desk (on which I'm currently working.)    All that said, I'm super impressed with this take on the standing desk by Emma and Trey of A Beautiful Mess. It's essentially an affordable wall-mounted bar. I love that the default, err…only height is at standing level, and in order to sit down, you have to specifically choose to, in those cool rustic bar stools. (Anyone know where they got those?)

Their version is constructed from super inexpensive softwood panels and extra large shelf brackets, and mitered in the corner for a wrap around design. But you could switch up the materials and mounting technique to customize the look.

There's no storage, and of course, you've have to be staring at the wall all day, but I'm seriously considering something like this for my next office space. (You can see my current one here, if you'd like.) 

Get the full how-to: Building a Standing Desk [A Beautiful Mess]