Have You Seen this Guy who Keeps Making the Same Knife, but with Bizarre Materials?

In the sheer scope and magnitude of Youtube, I going to assume that we will one day see every conceivable thing that exists in the world. Because, we all know, that if it is weird enough for someone to try, there is someone around with a camera ready to film it. So, we can file this under, “what the hell is going on here?” But there's this guy with a Youtube channel whose entire purposes seems to be to constantly and painstakingly recreate a knife out of very different, very bizarre materials. 

To be clear, this isn't a special knife. It is an ordinary kitchen knife. It comes in a plastic box––you know this from the videos because he places the new knife back into an empty box to achieve his total effect. It is a Japanese mass market knife with only one beveled edge. It is entirely unremarkable.

But he has made copy after copy in all kinds of media, including pasta, wood, aluminum derived from foil, carbon fiber, to name only the most recent. His process treats these materials just as if he was get stamp-forged knives from a factory––he sharpens them on finer and finer stones and uses the knives in an ordinary kitchen setting. 

As far as hobbies goes, this is pretty intensive work. But it is also more than a little impressive. I had no idea that you could make a knife out of pasta, to say nothing of being able to chop with it. Thanks to this industrious craftsman, now we all know.