How To: Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Guess what? It’s completely possible to make an absolutely amazing cup of coffee at home. And while it might be a bit different from scooping out those Folger’s instant crystals into some microwaved tap water, as my old office mates used to do, it’s not terrifically complex either.

Dateline – my house, 7:30a. Ish. I arm my press pot and flip on my new burr grinder and say, “I should really go get my camera and write a ManMade post about this…” and then I just stare at the water until it hits 190-degrees and watch my grounds brew for the next four minutes.

Plus, I figure there are folks who know way more about making excellent coffee than I do. And lo! Stumptown Roasters in Portland, one of the nation’s most famous independent coffeesters, has an awesome collection of home brewing techniques, using all kinds of gear, from French presses to a Chimex to a fancy vacuum pot.

It was affirming to see their method is akin to mine, and knowing that as long as you keep your beans fresh and your stuff clean, your can accomplish greatness in your own kitchen.

Brewing Guide [Stumptown Coffee Roasters]