Man Builds a Motorcycle Out of Alligator Parts

Dude, talk about upcycling…gatorbike photo

Jim Jablon was given an alligator carcass after it had been killed by state officials. And, like most creative minds, he thought “Why not put it to good use?”

And by “good use,” Jim meant: build a freaking motorcycle out of it.   “Jablon mounted the animal’s skin and skull on the body of a custom-built chopper, he affectionately refers to as “GatorBike.”

In order to raise funds for his wildlife rehabilitation center, which specializes in the rescue of exotic pets, Jablon began selling raffle tickets to folks who would like to win the bike. With a thousand tickets available for $100 each, the chopper could provide a windfall for the center.

alligator motorcycle photo

As if the alligator-adorned chopper weren’t strange enough, the winner will be decided by a 22-year-old model drawing names from a swimming pool full of alligators.”

Read more at Treehugger. Holy cow, I’ve never been so inspired by two things I know nothing about.