If Holden Caufield Had an iPod (Free Mixtape)

created at: 12/28/2010The fine minds at Flavorwire are beginning a new series that creates the imagined playlists of famous literary characters whose stories take place well before the possibility of quick and share-able digital mixtapes.

They’ve begun with Holden Caufield, that indifferent sloucher about whom all of your friends in high school (or perhaps you) were obsessed. “There are about a million songs about him, which are pretty well documented, but  what would the fellow listen to himself? He would surely think pop music is completely phony, and probably wouldn’t be interested in anything anyone he knew liked, but he’s an asocial, introspective depressive, so we’re pretty sure he’d get a kick out of some of the same songs that got us through our teenage years – if he’d like anything at all, that is.”The picks are a little too…Elliott Smith, Smiths, Bright Eyes-y, and well, Holden Caufield-y for me, so I guess they’ve done their job.

Cool idea. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Literary Mixtape: Holden Caufield [Flavorwire]