Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest of Awesome

created at: 12/10/2010

Steve Kamb has created quite a to-do list for himself. Besides managing the regular-guy health site Nerd Fitness (duly subscribed), he’s created the Epic Quest of Awesomeness, a nine-level improvement plan that doesn’t focus on making tons of money, sexual conquests, or other BS men’s magazine goals, but on simply being healthy and doing cool things to make Steve and the world a better place. The Nintendo-inspired ‘level-up’ terminology he uses is pretty apt: each accomplishment is like a four-line Tetris, or a Fire Power flower.

He says, “Welcome to my Epic Quest of Awesome! I’m traveling all over the world, going on crazy adventures, and helping other people level up THEIR lives along the way.Every time I cross something off of my bucket list, I will gain 20% experience towards my next “level.”Thanks to some lucrative credit card deals and frequent flyer offers, I have over 325,000 airline miles (not an exaggeration) and I’m using them to see the world.  I’ll be traveling on a budget, meeting up with Nerd Fitness readers, and using any travel-hacking skills I’ve acquired to accomplish this quest without breaking the bank.”

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