Aug 15, 2016

Good Reads: 5 Money Books That Will Change Your Life

Money ShotIn a world full of exceptions, we still have some unifying traits. This is one thing I can say for certain, you handle money almost every day. It's a constant flow, either in or out like a steady tide. I have a small but powerful set of money books on my shelf, and you should too. This list is probably not new, but I know there's something on this list you need to grab today to up your money game in the very best way.   

Money or Your Life

1. Your Money or Your Life by Vikki Robbins - This book is a good look at something we already know - money can't buy happiness. How is your relationship to money? Can living with less actually make you happier? Do you use it as a tool to make life better, or does it rule you and your ability to live the life you want? Nothing really new here, but if you want to kick your financial game into gear, this is something you need to be sure to get first.


Richest Man In Babylon

2. The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason - This simple book is written in old-time parable form to illustrate a few simple rules about money, basically pay yourself first and you'll be surprised how fast that coin purse fills up. Get it to read on a long weekend and you'll grasp the ideas fast, then spend a lifetime putting them to good use.

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4. The Millionaire Next Door - Thomas J. Stanley - This book changed my mindset of what a millionaire looks like. As it delved into the background, mindset, and actual numbers I got a much better sense of who I thought was rich compared to those who actually were. Over time, I've found this to be very true as I talk with multi-millionaires who drive simple sedans, and broke people who lease Porsches. A read through this book helped me to calibrate my idea of financial success, and start crushing real goals without getting discouraged every time I saw a neighbor upgrade his ride. Get this one in audiobook format, there are way too many statistics to follow on your own.Think and Grow Rich

4. Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill - The mind is an incredible thing. We all know that but do we really get it? How you think massively impacts your life in so many ways. So, how you think about money will have a lasting impact on how it behaves in your life. Take the time to really orient your thoughts on money and it will make a difference.

Total Money Makeover

5. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey - Dave is a southern man with simple ideas that make sense. Sure, it's a bit hard to wrap your mind around paying off your house, no credit cards, and avoiding all other debt like the plague. Your "sophisticated" money friends will likely turn up their nose at it, but for the common man (who might be struggling) I haven't seen a better way to get out from under crushing debt as soon as possible. I've also lived almost completely credit-card free for about 11 years now, and I'm crushing my mortgage faster than I ever thought I could so I know it works.

It's never too late to take control of that wallet, and now you have a starting point to pulling it all back in check. Do you have any books that you would add to the list?



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Dwightk on Aug 16, 2016:

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

David on Aug 16, 2016:

I actually debated putting rich dad poor dad on there because I loved his approach to how thinking right is a huge part of it. However, I have seen many people get way in over their heads with debt thanks to his teachings. Extending yourself like that is a risk most people just shouldn't take. Start them with the richest man in babylon and then I fully recommend the Dave Ramsey book for teenagers to get them started on the right foot, he has a college age version as well.

Anonymous on Aug 16, 2016:

Patty, when I was 18 my dad recomended that I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"and I though it was a good read. I read it in two days, (it was a pretty motivating book for me).

Patty on Aug 15, 2016:

Have  teens and wonderingwhat would be the best book for them?   TIA

Anonymous on Aug 15, 2016:

Great list! We follow Ramsey's advice as well. Let's see, credit card points or no mortgage? I'll take no mortgage, thank you. We are on baby step 6 and our net worth has increased by 5x our annual household income in 6-7 years by following this plan.