How to: Make a DIY Streaming Music Speaker from a Vintage Radio

There’s no better way to say: I freaking love projects like this. Reddit user mxmln23 used the case from a stylish vintage radio, and did some clever hacking that allows it to become a wireless speaker that can stream from Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud music player, Apple Airtunes, web radio stations, and Last.FM.  Music comes to the unit via a Raspberry Pi, which is connected to a USB-chargeable amplifier and the radio’s existing speaker. If circuit boards totally intimidate you, this project may be a stretch at first, but the tutorial is so thorough and you can easily download the software to play the music, so the project is accessible for anyone who’s willing to get their hands dirty. 

And don’t get too overwhelmed with all the doodads in there…most of it is just leftover hardware from the original radio’s tuner. 

See the full process at Imgur: DIY Vintage Raspberry Pi Internet-Radio / Spotify Device