Take A Break: 5 Animated Shorts Worth Watching

DuelI’m a fan of animated shorts. They’re moving and inspiring, and usually just long enough to give your brain a rest without checking out entirely. So click here and check ’em out. 1. Gopher Broke -This poor guy just wants a meal, and nothing seems to go well for him. hilarious just the same. 

2. Gentlemen’s Duel – Well, sometimes it’s just easier to stay away from a fight. A bit too late for these two to figure that out.

3. Buckbunny – The fluffy heart of a bunny still has a bit of stone if pushed too far.

4. Sweet Cocoon – Sometimes feet on the ground are the best way to be.

5. A Bout – Being the biggest is always the best, right?

OK, break’s over, time to get back to work. Do you have any animated short films you think we’d like?