Jul 11, 2016

8 Under-The-Radar National Parks to Visit This Summer (and How)

The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday next month so here are 8 of its lesser known, but no less breathtaking national parks to visit this summer. Complete with family friendly ideas and helpful tips, this guide is perfect for families that want to log some quality time in nature or for the more adventurous bachelor just looking some good wilderness away from pesky glampers.    Click here to see these 8 Amazing National Parks That Won’t Be Overrun By Families This Summer - via Fatherly.com.

What are some of your favorite out-of-the-way camping spots or national parks?


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QuarterSwede on Jul 11, 2016:

Dry Tortugas is probably the most gorgeous beach I've ever seen overall. We camped on the beach and it was just unreal. Snorkeling we saw more variety of fish than I've ever seen in Hawai'i. I distinctly remember an Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola an incredibly massive fish) and a huge barricuda among numerous other tropical fish. The reef was just colorful and beautiful as well. Highly recommended if anyone is in the keys. The fort is worth seeing as well. Just know there isn't any fresh water (hence the name Dry) so you'll have to pack it in.