New in the ManMade Store: Father’s Day Picks

Father's Day Update on ManMade Store

Here’s the best gift you can give the dad in your life: make him some breakfast (eggs Benedict and strong, hot coffee, please), tell him you love him, and then give him the rest of the day to enjoy as he sees fit (maybe it’s a nap in a hammock, maybe it’s a pick-up basketball game with friends … he’ll figure it out).

If, on top of that (totally sufficient) gift of a day, you want to give him something else, we totally understand. Giving gifts is fun! Especially if they’re good ones. So we updated the ManMade store with a new section full of five years worth of our favorite picks for Father’s Day gifts. Hopefully you’ll find something perfect. Click through to check it out.

Q: What’s the ManMadeStore thing anyway? 

A: After years of researching and writing about our favorite products for guys, we decided to bring it all together in one easy-to-access site, that way, if you’re searching for tool recommendations, kitchen gear, bike tools, or yes, even Father’s Day gifts, you’ll know where to find ’em. Let us know if you think we’re missing something important!