The Process: Denim Jeans From Scratch

Here’s a great look at how those denim jeans look so just worn enough before you even pull them on. From material cutting all the way to hand pressing the buttons on.Sewing MachineMan, I love these process videos.  

Way back in the 40’s, Cohen and Sons Apparel started to churn out quality clothing for the demanding Boomer generation. After decades of successfully holding their own, the company was shuttered thanks to cheap overseas competition. But, the revival came when the dream couldn’t be held back any longer and a grandson re-opened the brand with the money from a totaled motorcycle and a kickstarter shot in the arm. Take a look at their process for making a quality set of jeans from raw spool to finished shelf.

Now that I seen how a small shop makes those distressed denim, it gives me just a bit more appreciation for the clothes I buy and the history behind them.