How to: Make a DIY Beach/Camp Lounge Chair

created at: 07/09/2014

There’s no such thing as “too many camping chairs” or outdoor seating. Seriously, the more the merrier, particularly if they fold flat for storage and especially in the summer.

The Merry Thought has put together a new DIY post with detailed instructions to create this great lounge chair.

I love that it’s compact enough to carry around without too much hassle, and plenty customizable. You could paint in any color you want – which may be wise if it’ll have prolonged exposure to water.

Usually this type of chairs sell for around $250-300, but to make your own should definitely cost you less than $100. Way less if you already have some of the materials. 

Can you picture yourself by a bonfire roasting some s’mores or at the lake reading? Yeah, we can totally see it, so you should go make one! Tick Tock, summer’s here.

DIY camping chair

To get the full list of materials and step by step instructions, visit The Merry Thought.