Make This: DIY Saw Blade Storage Box

Saw Blade HolderHere’s a quick shop project that will give you a simple and dedicated way to protect your blades in the workshop. So keep them close but out of the way for a cleaner, more organized place to work with this multi-use storage box.Like many people with a collection of tools. I have steadily collected blades to go with them. This stack of sharp and fragile edges get beat up pretty regularly thanks to the weight and pointed corners. I have tried to stack them with cardboard, tape, and even just strategically stacked them a few times, but I always end up rummaging through them to find the one I need. This means I tear up a hand or precious cutting edges much more often than I should. This simple box can help to keep all your blades easy to find, out of harm’s way, and within reach when you need them. Here are the plans and some simple instructions to easily walk you through the build. Partial Plans

Follow the link above for the full plan.

Here’s a quick article we did on tuning up those blades before you stash them away in this box. Every shop will have a different place to mount the storage box, but keep that in mind when figuring out the dimensions, and how the box will work when reaching down to get your blades. There’s always another version with small drawers that looks a bit better here, but it makes it a bit harder to get to the blades with that design. One thing I like about this project, is the ability to have a dedicated place to collect all the blades, wrenches, and other accessories needed to make blade changes fast and much less of a process so we can get back to making sawdust and finishing projects.

Are you planning on building this box? We’d love to see how you customize it for your shop!