How to: Dye Your Own Minimalist Easter Eggs

As far as holidays go, Easter isn’t the most stylish. I mean, with all the pastels and baby birds and neon plastic grass, it’s definitely not a season for the design-minded.

Unless, of course, you break things down into their most simple parts. Take the Easter egg; its ovoid shape is the definition of nature’s penchant towards efficiency, and the dyeing with natural, real world colors gives the whole thing an amazing sense of organic texture. 

Country Living magazine came up with this clever way to give a carton of eggs a gradient effect in a lovely indigo blue. You simply count the number of drops of food coloring you add to a cup of hot water with vinegar, and let them sit until the color is richly penetrated the shell.

Sharp, right? Get the full how-to with exact measurements at Ombré Easter Eggs