Feb 18, 2016

The Best Beer in the World, Described

created at: 02/18/2016

Perhaps you hadn't heard yet, but the world's most perfect beer is out there. It took twelve years to develop, but eventually the team at Fishdog River Brewing Co. just nailed it.    Actually, maybe "perfect beer" is more of a misnomer. It's not really "perfect," it's just intense, and it's not necessarily a "beer" either...more like a face-melting, mouth-burning hop concentrate that involves a jackhammer and particle-accelerator, just to get more flavor.      


This beer is aggressively hop-forward, daringly devoid of nuance, and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. And we use “taste” loosely because much of your tongue will dissolve after the first hoppy sip. Prepare to enjoy the Ultimate I.P.A.’s tear-inducing chemical aroma, barbed-wire mouth feel, and a finish that can only be described as torturous with a hint of devastating. Rival breweries may find it too risky to sell what technically amounts to poison, but we at Fishdog River believe in pushing the limits of the palate, knowing full well you’ll choke down whatever bitter monstrosity allows you to add another notch to your authenticity belt. Heck, we’re just as hop loco ourselves!

Bitterer is betterer? Man, I love the Shouts and Murmurs section. For anyone who's ever read the narrative description at your local taproom. 

Read more at the NewYorker.com: Fishdog River Brewing Co.’s Ultimate I.P.A


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Anonymous on Feb 23, 2016:

you do understand this satire just look at the name of the brewery

Chris on Feb 23, 2016:

@Anon... Uh, did you read the article?

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2016:

Were you paid for this promotion? 

QuarterSwede on Feb 19, 2016:

Correction: The best IPA in the world