Why We Make: A Look Into a Furniture Maker’s Mind

Walnut California tableIt’s always interesting to hear why people have start down the road of becoming a maker. Jared Rusten talks about what inspired him to start making artisinal furniture that is built to last.   While we all have a different path that led us to become makers, there seems to be a common thread. As Jared says: “I got tired to things wearing out”. His design and process opens up a space for design, but still respects the character of the wood. Here are a couple of videos that speak to his process, and also his love for California Walnut.

Here’s a bit more, with a look at his California Walnut Table in the shape of California.

Do you have a favorite wood? And what’s your thought on the rocking chair being a “right of passage” for every woodworker? We love to hear your thoughts!