Jan 05, 2016

How to: Build a Cheap Home Gym

Starting the new year, I'm guessing quite a few of us have new physical health goals that require some quality workout equipment. If you already have a gym membership or just joined one: ROCK ON. Personally, I've never been much of a gym membership guy for budgetary reasons, though I take daily workouts extremely seriously, so I know the hardship that can be trying to get in a full body workout in just your living room with limited equipment.   

First of all, I'm a huge fan of these Black Mountain Resistance Bands. I had a set that lasted over a two years of extended daily use before I had to re-up to a new set. And now just this week, I found this guide to exceptionally cheap home exercise equipment to get you started on your new fitness regiment. Good luck!


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Alex Wheeler on Jan 17, 2016:

I think it's great that you wrote this article, many people hesitate to build their own home gyms because of the cost and this is definitely a great idea to start with!

David on Jan 07, 2016:

@Josh, Love the kettlebell! You're right, the kettlebell swing is a full-body excellent workout and a quality bell won't set you back too much. But, it's definitely too much to take along when I travel, that's where bands or bodyweight HIIT workouts help to keep the swoll on. A solid burpee, pushup, pullup pyramid  will work you hard without the bulk of a kettlebell.

Josh on Jan 07, 2016:

For any beginner or advanced gym rat a simple, cheap, and great way to get fit or stay fit is the kettlebell. You can take them anywhere, you can do the same movements with them that you can with a barbell and then some, and the kettlebell swing (done properly) is one of the single best exercises a human can do.  So grab yourself a kettlebell and get a book called simple & sinister from the man that brought the first kettlebell certification training to the U.S.