How to: Build a Tabletop Hibachi Grill from Concrete

There are times when you need a large outdoor cooker: big hunks of protein cooked low and slow, hosting for a crowd, cold smoking some seasonal goodies. But some times, you just want to get your food as hot and as close to the fire as possible to create the crust and depth of flavor that only cooking over an open flame can provide.

If you have a large grill and/or are looking for an inexpensive way to expand your outdoor cooking arsenal, check out this DIY tabletop hibachi. It comes from the makers of ShapeCreate, a new moldable concrete that works like clay, but dries just as hard as traditional concrete mixes. Imagine the possibilities, DIYers.

The project page indicates “Full How-To Guide Coming soon!” but a quick look at the images details exactly how this thing comes together. We’ll update this post as the full tutorial comes together, but if you’re looking for something to try this winter that you can enjoy with the ice and snow are gone, this one looks promising.

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