Watch a True Craftsman at Work: The Violin Makers

Music makes us feel. Good, bad, energetic, lazy…it’s an ethereal experience to experience skill and passion coming together in one fluid moment. It has been said that the tone of a instrument improves over time as the instrument settles in, and the vibrations from playing helps to “open up” the resonance in the wood. 

While this may or may not be fully true, it is definitely true that a quality instrument begins with a master craftsman. Instrument craftsmen are some of the most gifted makers in the world. Not only must they be precise with joints and materials, but in the end the piece must sound as good as it looks. It truly is an art. Here are a few videos highlighted the mastery that it takes to craft a violin:

This is a very long but relaxing process video of the entire process.

So the next time you see an instrument, take a moment to appreciate the extreme commitment of the craftsman, and the music that comes with it.