Make This: Rustic and Stylish Concrete Candleholders

DIY Cement CandleholdersHave a little cement and metal left over after a project? Turn them into something much more interesting than a pile of clutter in the corner of the garage.   I’m a man who lives in a house with a woman and three little girls, and there are plenty of small candles dotted all over the house. Candles are a great way to smooth off a room, adding a whole different type of light. Here is a simple DIY project to make some candleholders with a rustic, “manly” feel.Concrete Candleholder

I like this project for plenty of reasons, but the best part is the variety of materials and ideas of how to make them into something that will fit right in on the mantle next to those, um,  deer antlers?

Concrete Candleholders

So go out and look around for your last project leftovers and see what materials you have to make some concrete candleholders to toughen up your space.