Yes, You Can Carve Your Own Stone Bathroom Sink

stone sink

Even as an avid DIYer, stonework has always been something I thought was completely unattainable. Thinking it required a mess of tools and well-studied skill, the art of carving and shaping rock for my own DIY projects found itself at the bottom of my to-do until I saw this great project from the Samurai Carpenter.

According to the Samurai, all  you need is a masonry saw (rented), hammer drill, diamond grinder bit, a cold chisel, laser level and about 4-6 hours of patience to get a some truly beautiful results.

Check out his first video that details how he carved a beautiful piece of granite.

Once you’ve dusted off from doing that yourself (didn’t it look easy!?) Check out how he did the hardware and install.

Whenever it is I decide to build my very own home (on the beach like his) you can bet a project like this will be accounted for!