Jul 27, 2015

Summer Grilling: You Should Totally Make Watermelon Pizza

Grilled Watermelon PizzaLooking for something new to grill for the next backyard gathering? Grab a Watermelon and try out this sweet and savory pizza recipe.   With summer in full swing, my BBQ barely gets cold before I'm ready to fire it up for the next meal. With so much time in front of the grill, it's a constant search for more things to cook on the smokey open flame.

Since I've been enjoying the fruits of my fire roasted activities for so long, I'm surprised grilled watermelon hasn't been on the menu even once. I stumbled on this grilled watermelon pizza a few days ago and it immediately caught my eye. It's now officially on the menu for our next backyard get-together.

Here's a link to the recipe.

I took a look around, and here are a few other grilled watermelon recipes to try while the fire is still hot:

Grilled Watermelon on flatbread pizza

Grilled watermelon on flatbread pizzaGrilled watermelon caprese skewers

Grilled watermelon caprese skewers


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David on Aug 02, 2015:

Hi Lori,

We love to point our readers towards good food anytime we can, thanks for such a great recipe!



Lori - The Kitchen Whisperer on Aug 01, 2015:

Thank you so much for sharing my recipe!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE grilled watermelon! 


Best Kitchen Wishes!