7 Essential Tools for Cooking Meat Like a Pro

Here’s the thing with cooking up a flavorful piece of protein: it’s kinda expensive. Especially if you get the good stuff from a butcher you trust. Mess up a carrot? It’s pretty easy to peel and cook up another one. Mess up a 48-day aged Frenched crown roast of prime beef? You’re out nearly a Benjamin.    

All of which is to say – cooking a great piece of meat is important. And while technique is always king, the right set of tools will help set you up for success. 

Food52 has assembled this great list of tools, including everything from prep work to cooking surfaces and the best oil for getting a great crust without filling your home with smoke. 

The only thing I’d add is a great finishing salt, like Maldon. It’ll take any cut to the next level. 

7 Tools for Preparing Meat [Food52.com]