Design Inspiration: The Nomad Chair on Kickstarter

Nomad ChairInspired by the classic British safari loungers, this modern design is both beautiful and functional as a lightweight yet comfortable portable chair. Portable chairs generally have two resounding flaws. First, they’re bulky and plastic so there’s no longevity, and second, they look like they were designed by an 80s rocker with tacky neon and ‘bold’ color schemes. That’s why this portable exception caught my eye. Sustainable, durable, and minimalist at heart, the design is part function, but still fully art. The nomad chair is made from beautiful turned bamboo, with leather straps and armrests, canvas seat and brass hardware. The seat is meant to age gracefully and become a piece of furniture worth passing along to the next generation. Nomad Chair Detail

The price is commensurate with the quality (you’ll drop about $525 on a pre-order chair), so I won’t have one in my home or next camping trip. But I really love the thought process that went behind building a chair that people love to the point that the Kickstarter is fully funded with time to spare. Take a look at the ethos behind the chair and you’ll be sold as well – if not on the chair, at least on the cause.Pieces of the Nomad Chair