Jan 30, 2017

Inspired To Write: Bull + Stash Leather Notebooks

B&S Notebooks

I'm not saying you need an exceptional journal to become the next Hemmingway, but I'm pretty sure you'll be more inspired writing in something you love.   Bull & Stash notebooks call themselves "your last notebook ever". That's a pretty bold statement but they seem to back up the claim pretty convincingly. The thick leather cover holds heavy-weight durable paper in with solid metal hardware that keep the paper flat and easy to use.

Writing B&S Notebook

So if you have the need to tether those wandering thoughts to paper, these notebooks are worthy enough to tie them down. Take a look here.


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Frank Katusa on Nov 30, 2017:

UPDATE.....they got back to me and answered my quesitons. The person apologized for the delay. I forgot it was a holiday that week.

Chris on Nov 28, 2017:

Hey Frank - What a drag :( Please let us know what you find out.

Frank Katusa on Nov 28, 2017:

Bought one two years ago and it is great. Ran out of refills for "traveler stash'. Went to order, just blank ones.I need lined.
FBook. Messaged to see if refills for The Market will fit Traveler Stash....no answer for a week....NO PHONE Number, so I have a $25 leather cover with no paper.....so far for me B and S is BS.

dser on Mar 22, 2017:

Finally got it, and love it.

dser on Mar 08, 2017:

I ordered one of these a month ago still do have it, I do not even have a shipping number so it has not been sent. I have sent a couple of emails; no response. Tried to find a phone number; no listing. Not sure if I will ever get it.