Jun 03, 2015

Hot Dogs of The World: 40 Distinctive Global Styles to Make This Summer

created at: 06/03/2015

Hot dogs were a huge staple of my youth and often the unit of measurement to describe how hungry I was ("Yeah guys I'm down to chill, I just need like three hotdogs first"). I usually opted for the standard ketchup and mustard, but when it comes to accessorizing this traditional American classic, it's a worldwide free for all.   

created at: 05/31/2015The team at Food Republic recently created this Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide. With 40 entries, it features everything from the fully-loaded Chicago Dog to the Japanese Octo-Dog. I highly recommend checking out the list and trying out some new varieties. 


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Anonymous on Jun 09, 2015:

Where is Chicago dogs?

Biju on Jun 04, 2015:

The Seattle one is actually pretty close.  Typically we have:  the dog and bun, onions, jalapenos, and then the essential cream cheese.  Outside of that however I see folks do a variety of mustards, sriracha, sometimes ketchup, and certain sauerkraut, dill relish, etc. like most dogs do.  As a long time resident I usually do the "walk through the garden" and get all the veggies they have plus mustard and cream cheese.

Really, it's about the cream cheese here.

Thais on Jun 03, 2015:

That...really isn't how we eat Hot Dogs in Brazil tho. Haha. 

Usually in a street hot dog cart you'll find: Parmesan Cheese, dried potato shreds, peas, corn, mashed potato, quail egg, and the sauce consists of green bell pepper, red bell pepper, tomato (lots). Mayo, ketcup and mustard are common available items. 

And usually you can put whatever you want or a combination. I guess "ultimate" hot dog would have to be all those. :)