5 Apartment Improvements You Can Do in an Hour

Presented by Apartments.com

When looking for a new apartment, it’s hard not to notice the improvements (on large and small scale) needed prior to moving in. While your landlord may be taking care of new carpeting, cleaning the central air vents, and fresh paint on the walls, there may be some additional improvements on your list that you can take care of on your own. Here are five quick improvements you can check off your list before the big move.  Apartments.com

1) Slap on Those Switch Plates

With no furniture in your new apartment, it’s way easier to spot any and all inconsistencies around electrical outlets.  

Take photos of the sockets and outlets that are missing switch plates so when you’re at the hardware store you have a visual reference for finding the right combination. If you’re looking to splurge, or find a stylized switch plate design that completes the whole apartment, keep a running tally of how many in that type of switch plate you need.


2) Dress the Windows

Scout the apartment prior to moving in to see what windows are in need of blinds, drapes, or curtains, and how many windows are already dressed. Then, make the executive decision on which rooms will get blinds and which ones will need curtain rods. Measure the windows and get them ready for blinds, drapes or curtain installation on your next visit.


3) Swap out the Faucets

Notice a leaky, outdated, corded faucet? Upgrade those tired kitchen or bathroom faucets before you move in. Don’t be so quick to hire a professional; installation is less than an hour is feasible, see how here.


4) Do a Deep, Deep Clean 

This is your best chance, with no furniture or boxes, to really get into nooks and crannies for a deep cleaning. Wipe down ceiling fan blades, vacuum air conditioner filters, and run an old toothbrush in the space between where the floor meets wall. Let grout cleaner sit between tiles in the bathroom or kitchen before scrubbing clean. Wash windows inside and if you can, outside. Secure a towel to the end of a broom and sweep down ceilings – you’d be amazed at the dust and cobwebs that collect up there!


5) Add a Splash of Color

Are you starring down stark white walls, or worse – a bad accent paint job? Maybe the statement “pop” of color in the living room worked for the last owners, but clashes with your décor aesthetic. Work with your landlord to see if repainting with a unique color of your choice is an option. If so, make sure your desired accent wall is clearly marked before the paint crew arrives so there’s no confusion.  

Next, head to Apartments.com and start envisioning these 1-hour improvements when searching for your next apartment. You’ll save a lot of time by taking care of these simple updates prior to the big move. Less furniture and boxes make for easier improving!