Building Six-Story Bamboo Houses: Testing Boundaries and Creating Magical Experiences

created at: 05/24/2015 Elora Hardy grew up in the world of imaginative actualization, and when her architect parents built a home off of the “fairy mushroom house” drawn by their nine-year-old daughter, Hardy didn’t realize that it was unusual. Now a innovative architect herself, Hardy is building beautiful and immersive living spaces most people couldn’t dream up, out of bamboo with Bali locals in a desire to increase infrastructure with sustainable resources.   

created at: 05/24/2015 Bamboo has the tensile strength of steel and the compressive strength of concrete, and since its hollow, it can still be carried by just a few people. In addition to this breathtaking six-story house, Hardy’s team has built restaurants, schools, bridges, and entirely out of local resources. I highly recommend taking the short trip through her design process in this 10 minute TED talk