12 Life Lessons from Michael Caine

These “Life Lessons” from famous people go around the internet from time to time (and I’ve even posted some before) but this article from Jack Archer has truly practical advice that’s all the more enjoyable to listen to coming from a master of cool…   

From career advice to parenting to buying real estate, Michael Caine even lets you in on why you should never wear suede shoes if you’re famous: 

“I had come to Hollywood to star in a picture called Gambit. I used to sit in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel and look out for film stars. One day, John Wayne came in, saw me, and said: ‘Are you in that movie called Alfie?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘I just saw that. It’s very good, son.’ And we became friends. He gave me some advice. He said, ‘Never wear suede shoes.’ I asked why and he said, ‘Because you’ll be taking a piss in a men’s room and there’ll be a guy next to you, and all of a sudden the guy will recognize you and he’ll turn and go, ‘Michael Caine!’ And he’ll piss all over your shoes!’ I never wore suede shoes again.”

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