DIY Inspiration: A Better (Modern and Wooden) Refrigerator Magnet

Wooden MagnetsThose old bottle-cap magnets on the fridge used to be cool, but it’s about time to upgrade those to something a bit more in style like these smooth wooden knobs. Take a look.   One of the most cluttered spaces in my kitchen tends to be the side of the refrigerator. It’s a place to put reminders, calendars, invitations and everything else we want to keep safe. Over the years I’ve collected an assorted mess of magnets  and it makes the hectic space even worse. With a lathe and a few hours, these little magnets will definitely go a long way to taming the mess.

Magnet Spread

What I like about the style is the simplicity, and the smooth look of the finish. They give a clean masculine feel to any place where you need some holding power. So take this little piece of inspiration and upgrade your kitchen magnets to match you (current) style.Magnets

For the a little more rustic take on the wooden magnet, check out this ManMade project –  How To: Make Tree Branch Magnets