Make This: Homemade Pop Tarts Revisited

created at: 04/30/2015

There’s some seriously special memories a Pop Tart brings to in my mind. It’s like, I love these things, but as an adult, I know I’m not supposed to eat them, but then I can make my own and control the ingredients, and ta-da! They’re back in my toaster. I’ve had a soft spot for breakfast on the go since grade school. This need for mobile morning sustenance came from my love for sleeping in until the very last possible second, so Pop Tarts were a Godsend. A while back we featured a homemade pop-tart recipe that looked delicious thanks to a filling of nutella and other delicious goodness. 

Pop Tarts

Here’s another great recipe with the frosting and sprinkles which I happen to believe make it exactly what I want to wake up and munch on as I rush out the door.

I’ll be trying this out shortly then probably filling my freezer completely full of them soon after.