The ManMade Spring Style Guide

This is a commerce post in partnership with Frank & Oak

ManMadeDIY Spring Style Guide
I’m the sort of guy who holds on to super-comfortable, super-threadbare, moth-hole-ridden t-shirts for far too long, much to my wife’s great chagrin. And while there is a place in your life for that favorite, falling-apart shirt, let’s make sure it’s just one. Recently, I cut down and donated a good portion of my wardrobe, editing out anything I hadn’t put on in the last six months. Doing so allowed me to replace staples and add a few new pieces to my closet. 

I’m long-limbed and lanky, so I often have trouble time finding clothing that fits. Pants are too baggy, and shirts are too wide through the trunk and short in the sleeves. For the last few years I’ve been buying a good portion of my clothing from Frank & Oak (and yep, we are partnering with them, but that statement is 100% true, even before Frank & Oak reached out to work with us).

Not only do their clothes fit my 6′ frame well, but they’re affordable and classic. It’s a good combination for me.

(Above: Jasper Oxford shirt in Deep SeaLawrence Oxford pants in AlloyLow-Top Sneakers in White)

So, with the help of my fashion-conscious wife,  I’ve put together some looks ManMade readers can consider adding to their closet this season:

For the Workday

Although I work mostly from home, I still rely on the routine of getting set for the day. Most days, this includes a shower and shave, followed by a comfortable, but meeting-ready outfit. 

workday outfit

Shirt: Cotton Plaid Shirt in Aquifer
Pants:  Newport Chinos in Shiitake
Belt:  Nubuck Leather Belt in Navy
Shoes:  Cotton Denim Lace-Up Sneakers in French Blue
Messenger Bag: Genuine Italian Leather Messenger in Tan

For Your Workout

workout outfit

The workout wardrobe is the hardest look for me to pull off, style-wise. When I’m sweating, lifting, and running, comfort takes precedence. Although I make it to the gym on a weekly basis, in the spring and summer months I tend to favor mountain biking and running outdoors. For both of these activities, layers are key to keeping comfortable in the variable weather. 

Shirt: State Training Crewneck Tee in Navy 
Shorts:  State All Function Shorts in Black
Hoodie:  State Full Zip Training Hoodie in Heather
Gym Bag: State Sports Duffle in Black

Your Weekend Look

weekend outfit

In my book, the ideal spring and summer weekend is spent outside chasing my kids around, or hanging out with friends. And as evening approaches, the grill is warm and at the ready. 

Shirt: Striped Crewneck Tee in Heather Grey
Shorts:  9″ Valence Chino Short in Olive Night
Belt:  Braided Leather and Waxed Cotton Belt in Black
Shoes:  Cotton Denim Slip-On Sneakers in Off White
Sunglasses:  Costalots the 83’s Sunglasses in Green Sanded
Book:  Good Meat

Nights Out

Night out outfit

In the midwest, where I live, spring and summer evenings are a delicacy. Usually characterized by cooler temperatures after sunset (which, in June, is around 9pm), the summer nights are, basically, a reason to live through the cruel, bitter, persistent darkness of winter. Not that I’m being dramatic or anything. 

Layers are key to enjoying the weather, and a light blazer is a great way to dress up dark washed denim jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Blazer: Laurier Patch Pocket Basketweave Blazer in Grey
Jeans:  Cooper Selvedge Denim in Dark Blue
Shirt:  Jasper Oxford in White
Belt:  Feathered Edge Leather Belt in Dark Brown
Flask:  Woven Leather Flask in Dak Brown
Aftershave:  Groom
Pocket Square: Printed Linen Pocket Square in China Blue 
Shoes:  Woven Leather Chukka Sneaker in Dark Brown

Spring Formal 

There are times in your life when you’ll need a nice suit, and having one that fits well is a must. While a classic wool suit is a staple in your closet, a lighter, summer-weight one will keep you comfortable in the warm sunshine.

formal attire outfit

Suit Jacket: Laurier Glen Check Cotton-Linen Suit Jacket in Indigo
Trousers:  Laurier Glen Check Cotton-Linen Trousers in Indigo
Shirt:  Vertical Stripe Shirt in Blue
Tie:  Solid Linen Tie in Wheat
Tie Bar: Classic Tie Bar in Brushed Silver
Phone Sleeve: Genuine Leather iPhone 6 Sleeve in Tan
Belt:  Bi-Colored Italian Leather Belt in Warm Nude  
Shoes:  Italian Leather Brogues in Tan

This post is published in partnership with Frank & Oak.