The Process: Crafting a Handmade Backpack from Reclaimed Materials

Truce is a handmade design company that creates all-weather backpacks and duffels from recycled sailcloth and drysuit nylon (used for cold water SCUBA diving). Each bag is created upon order from the reclaimed sailing and sporting materials, giving each piece a unique look and overall color scheme. 

created at: 03/26/2015 Truce’s founder, Luke Mathers, “learned to sew industrial-grade fabrics while repairing sails and making boat covers at North Sails Oregon. He took a shining to experimenting with the loft’s scrap bin, which became his first source of materials for after-hours projects: making messenger bags, tote bags and accessories for friends and family.”    created at: 03/26/2015 Recently, Truce teamed up with Ian and Sam of Portland, OR-based SuperGreat Video to create a short film detailing the process. I love watching something being created by human hands on a small scale, that still takes advantages of powerful industrial tools and materials (electric cutting knife and chain mail glove, anyone?)

Check out the process in the video below: 

Truce Designs: Handmade in the USA from SuperGreat on Vimeo.

Learn more about TrueDesigns and check out their amazing bags on their web page. And find more process videos about independent brands doing amazing things at SuperGreat.TV