How to: Make Grandpy’s Rocking Chair

If you grew up with a father figure in your life, odds are he had a favorite chair or place to sit. My dad certainly has one, and even my friends growing up knew where to find him in the evenings after work. This man from inherited this homemade rocking chair from his grandfather (who in fact inherited the woven patterns from his mother’s chair) and decided to recreate one of his very own.   

He had inherited a large amount of dried maple wood, but they were all short pieces. The solution? Make a smaller version of his “Grandpy’s” chair that would suit not only the imagination but also the body of small child. 

His grandfather learned the dwindling art of caning chairs from his sister-in-law who in turn learned from a blind man. This was his first time caning a chair, and he includes a great link in his Instructables tutorial for those of you looking to get into it yourselves.