Mar 14, 2017

4 Life-Changing Things You Didn't Know You Needed

4 Life-Changing Things You Didn't Know You Needed.

There's nothing more satisfying than hearing the phrase "Where'd you get that!?" Ok, maybe it's just me, but I consider that phrase to be the apex of achievement when you've truly found a cool item. Here's a round up of 4 unique, life-improving things that I use everyday and you should too!


4 Life-Changing Things You Didn't Know You Needed.

A Fish Turner Spatula

I use this tool almost as much as my chef's knife. You'll be throwing out several kitchen utensils once you see how superior this spatula is to those plastic ones. If you use cast iron (and you should) to cook most of your food, this tool can guarantee that nothing will ever stick. It's robust yet flexible metal allows you to really scrape, flip and pick up anything that's remotely sticking to a pan. It's even sharp enough to split a panini in half and slotted to drain grease from deep fried food. It's my ultimate kitchen multi-tool. Only downside is you can't use it on non-stick. But, who needs that stuff anyway? ;)

4 Life-Changing Things You Didn't Know You Needed.

Nite Ize DoohicKey

Speaking of multi-tools, I recently picked up this tool as a replacement for my worn our carabiner on my key chain. It has so many cool features: bottle opener, box cutter, flat-head driver, 3 wrench sizes and a 2-inch measuring mark. I've used the built in ruler more than you'd think.

4 Life-Changing Things You Didn't Know You Needed.

Nerd Wax

Sweat and sunglasses don't mix. It's such a frustrating problem to always be pushing them up. Not classy. This invention is so simple and so amazing. It's am all-natural wax you apply to the bridge of your glasses to keep them from slipping down your face! My friend Don developed this idea while working in the music industry watching musicians struggle to keep their sunglasses up during outdoor shows. After a super successful Kickstarter you can find these tubes of wonder paste online! 


4 Life-Changing Things You Didn't Know You Needed.

A Catch-All Plate or Bowl

I am the worst at losing small essentials like my wallet, phone and keys. Having a catch-all plate helps keep all of those things in one place and helps me not be so forgetful. Making your own (like mine pictured above) is certainly recommended, but if you can't get around to carving your own, then you should definitely find something that is unique and memorable. Maybe a vintage family heirloom or a rustic bowl you found on a vacation. If you pick/make the right one you'll keep it for a lifetime.


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33AD on Mar 30, 2017:

The DoohicKey pays off practically everyday, and definitely saves your knife blade.

J in MT on Jan 25, 2016:

Some cigar shops will also straight up give away their old boxes.  Never hurts to ask!

Also, the glasses wax honestly looks like a great idea! I'm constantly nudging them wile hiking, golfing, skateing, and the like. Even if I'm careful, I'll inadvertantly bump the lenses eventually and smudge em' up.

dmii on Feb 22, 2015:

For the catch-all, I use an empty cigar box. There's a great men's gifts and smoke shop in the nearest city to me and they sell all of their empty cigar boxes for $2, no matter what! There are some very unique and classy cigar boxes out there!

Chris on Jan 29, 2015:

Im convinced. I just threw a DoohicKey into my Amazon cart to tag along on my next purchase. Can't be functionality for $4.